1. In Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices, Blanchard and

1. In Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices, Blanchard and Thacker (2013) state that on-the-job training is “the most frequently used training method . . .OJT is the preferred method for training employees for new technology and increasing skills in the use of existing technology” (p. 225).   Blanchard and Simmering (n. d.) make the same point in the one article from the  required reading this week. From your experiences and any other research you have reviewed,  have you found OJT as an effective training approach.  Were the steps in the Job Instruction Technique (JIT) described in the Blanchard and Simmering article followed in any of your experiences?  Did it make the training more effective? Please explain.

2.  You are designing a diversity awareness training session.  You have created four learning objectives.  Upon completion of the training session, managers should be able to: 

  • Define diversity and terms related to diversity
  • State the company’s policy regarding diversity
  • Describe three benefits of having a diverse work force
  • Identify three behaviors that foster a more inclusive workplace 

Review this week’s lecture and readings.  If you had to choose two traditional methods to use in the diversity awareness training session, which two would you pick and why?  Be sure to tell us which objective(s) each training method addresses.

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