1. Often when reading texts on this history of North


1. Often when reading texts on this history of North American slavery, a number of generalizations are made to coalesce the experiences of enslaved Africans and African Americans. However, it is important to note that there were variations and that there was not just one experience. Keeping this in mind and drawing from your readings for the week (as well as last week), think about what factors (environmental, social, cultural, etc.) contributed to different experiences and how did they contribute. Discuss at least TWO (2) factors.

2. Slave narratives rank among the earliest and most important African American contributions to the American literary canon. These works offer important insights into the lived experiences of the enslaved and they are a critical resource for historians and other scholars who document the African American experience. These narratives are also important because they formed the basis of the abolition movement, which focused on ending the heinous institution of slavery. Using the narratives from this week’s readings, provide TWO (2) examples of how slave narratives could be used to advocate for the end of slavery. Make sure to draw specific examples from our readings.


For both questions, you should draw your analysis from materials in this course FIRST, but you may incorporate other materials that you have read and/or studied outside of this course. And please remember to cite your sources.




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