1. Read the HBR chapter, “How Resilience Works.” Review, Harvard

1. Read the HBR chapter, “How Resilience Works.”

Review, Harvard Business, Kolb, D. M., Cross, R., Badaracco, J. L., & Roberts, L. M. (2021, March 30). HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself, Vol. 2 (with bonus article “Be Your Own Best Advocate” by Deborah M. Kolb) (1st ed.). Harvard Business Review Press.

2.  In addition to the HBR Chapter above, identify three (3) additional reliable and valid research articles and/or books to reference within your paper.

3. Write a 3-page paper (excluding title page and reference page/s) on the value of resilience for you, personally and professionally. In your paper touch on your own experience with resilience.  

4.  The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement. These should be in addition to page requirements.

  •  Papers need to be formatted in proper APA 7th Edition style.
  •  Each paper requires a minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references (unless stated otherwise in the guidance above).

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