According to this explanation, which “ominous tendencies” of our

Option Two – DYSTOPIA: In his Glossary of Literary Terms, M.H. Abrams tells us that “the term dystopia (‘bad place’) has come to be applied to works of fiction, including science fiction, which represent a very unpleasant imaginary world in which ominous tendencies of our present social, political, and technological order are projected in some disastrous future culmination” (218). According to this explanation, which “ominous tendencies” of our present world might Cormac McCarthy be trying to “project” in his apocalyptic world of The Road? Further, how does the language and style of The Road reflect this world that he creates? Please support your argument with at least three quotations from the novel, at least one from the linked sources in this module’s lesson content, and at least one from a relevant source that is not from the lesson content (please use the Sheridan Library’s electronic database). Quotations must be properly introduced/integrated into your writing and must be cited according to MLA convention. All works cited must be listed at the end of your posting.

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