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For the first paper in Intro to Film, I’d like you to write a 3 – 5 page (minimum 2/maximum 5) paper, double-spaced typed We have been covering Narrative storytelling in film. Your assignment in to choose one of your favorite films and analyze it for the parts of narrative storytelling and as needed the different character types. You must identify the following: • Exposition • Complication – The Inciting Moment • Rising Action – Conflicts and Stakes • Crisis (include discussion of protagonist/antagonist – static/dynamic characters) • Climax • Falling Action • Resolution/Denouement [Explained what gets resolved – what the conflict is that gets resolved] • Explanation how the organization of the material supports the overall THEME(s) You must provide specific examples (do not simply tell me exposition takes place from “1minute 30 seconds to 5 minutes 20 seconds” – that relays nothing but numbers). You must define each part of the Freytag’s pyramid in your words, you must describe how the movie addresses each element. This includes giving particular examples, descriptions, references to music or sound, images, colors (etc.). You will need to consider transitions and all the techniques of writing in your response. If you choose to compile a PPT, you are allowed to use pictures and video clips, but this does not remove your responsibility of defining and describing/explaining these examples on the PPT. PPT should have no more than 3 points per slide and should be organized under clear topic headings. If you choose to make a movie of yourself acting as a film critic, you are, again, permitted and encouraged to use clips and pictures, but I also want to remind you that you must explain and describe the supporting examples that you use. Please make sure to include a Works Cited page and In-Text citations if you use any outside sources/pictures/videos.

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