As a new division manager in a health care organization, you Nursing Assignment Help

As a new division manager in a health care organization, you have been given an opportunity to attend a lobbying workshop in Washington, D.C. Before attending the workshop, you must research current health care legislation. In preparation, it is important that you use your influencing skills and demonstrate an understanding of the health care policy cycle.  


The policy cycle approach provides lawmakers with a pathway for developing a policy and guiding it through the institutions of our government. The cycle starts with the identification of a targeted problem and ultimately ends up with providing a specific course of action. Along the way, the outcomes of a policy are subjected to various levels of review, evaluation, and revision. In essence, the policy cycle consists of a series of interlocking steps that serve as a dialogue between the main stakeholders. As a health care administrator, it is important to have a working knowledge of the process within the cycle and how it leads to the implementation of health care laws that will eventually have an impact on what you do.

To prepare for this experience, visit GovTrack Health Bills and select a proposed piece of legislation that is relevant to your community and of interest to you. Research the topic and explain the policy process that your selected piece of legislation will go through to become a bill. 

Assessment Deliverable

Develop a 700- to 1,050-word report that explains this process. In your report:

  • Summarize the proposed legislation.
  • Identify the stage of the approval process that this legislation is currently in.
  • Explain all future stages, including key components associated with each stage of the policy process.
  • Discuss formulation, legislation, implementation, evaluation, analysis, and revision of bills in the policy process.
  • Identify the main stakeholders and provide a rationale for selecting stakeholders at each stage of the policy process.

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