Assignment #2: HIT News Article Requirements: Choose current articles related

News Article Assignment Criteria

Total Possible Points

Title Page :
Student Name (First and Last)
Student Panther ID  Number
Title of Assignment


Assignment layout:

Introduction:  Fully explain why you chose your article.  Give a detailed summary of the main points and content of article. 1-2 paragraphs, (4-6 complete sentences, each paragraph).


Report content: An accurate and valid explanation is given of the article’s relationship to Health Services Administration (HSA). 1-2 paragraphs, (4-6 complete sentences, each paragraph).


Summary: Closing thoughts ((opinion and comments) are given about the article – How does this affect you as a future healthcare administrator and/or your patients/clients? (1-2 paragraphs, (4-6 complete sentences)).


TWO References Citation:

The article and one other source used as background information (textbook, credible resource, etc.) are cited within the context of the summary. Any paraphrased information or direct quotes are cited in the summary.

Every paraphrased piece of information or direct quote/fact/statistic/etc. that is NOT cited will result in point deductions. 


References Page:

A References page is provided with a minimum of TWO listing the article and one other source that was used to provide background HSA information


Proper APA format is followed (size 12 font, double Spaced, etc.).

College level writing seen which includes: Complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, mechanics, and punctuation.

Article Submission is 1-2 pages in Length


A link to the article is submitted as a reference in proper APA format.


Deductions: Turn It in Originality Report over 30%. Assignment on wrong document. Assignment minimum page count not meet. Assignment minimum page count/requirements not met.


Total Points


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