Chapter 5: Career development 1. Briefly compare and contrast an


Chapter 5: Career development

1. Briefly compare and contrast an organization-centered approach to career planning to an individual-centered approach to career planning. Which might work best for your client, Hytech, and why?

Chapter 6: Selection

1. Some companies stresses “culture fit” and “hiring for attitude” as critical criteria for applicant selection. Discuss this in terms of (a) validity and reliability, and (b) legal requirements for non-discrimination.

2. What are some possible problems or common interviewing mistakes that should be watched for interviewing?

Chapter 7: Training

1. Some companies conduct annual needs assessment to determine what type of training is needed. What sources of information could help in determining training needs? 

2. Identify at least 3 types of internal delivery options for training.

Chapter 8: Performance Management

1. Identify some performance management linkages between organizational strategies and employee performance. 

2. What type(s) of performance information (trait-based, behavior-based, or results-based) could be used for your client, Hytech? 

3. Which method of performance appraisal do you think makes the most sense for Hytech’s employees? Explain your rationale. 

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