Climate Analysis: Using the application Climate Consultant, analyze

Assignment 1: Climate Analysis

Using the application Climate Consultant, analyze climate data for a particular location in preparation for building design.

Download the application Climate Consultant. Launch the application and follow the instructions for downloading the climate dataset for the UAE. Browse the “features” and “Instructions” pages to familiarize yourself with what the application can do.

Select the ASHRAE Standard 55 comfort model. Accept the remaining defaults. Review the data and analyze it by characterizing the following climate factors in a temporal context. Dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures and/or relative humidity Daylighting and cloud cover Wind Sun Play with the controls, in particular “animation” when available, to understand the dynamics of each factor. Write a summary for each of the four factors above that captures the phenomenon. Evaluation: Each factor is worth 4 points: 4 = very clear and complete summary that includes 1) daily differences, 2) seasonal differences, 3) reference to all measures, and 4) range of variability. 3 = complete but less clear, or missing one of the four measures noted above. 2 = unclear summaries lacking in more than one measure. 1 = a combination o

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