Cognitive, social AND Language development of child)

The aim of this paper is for you to relate the information learned in class on different aspects of human development (e.g., cognitive, social, language development of child). How is your child behaving? What milestones have they reached? What problems or challenges are they encountering? Are there aspects of their behavior that seem confusing or strange to you? What things does your child enjoy or not enjoy? What are you doing as a parent to ensure healthy development? Are there any major decisions that you have made recently, and why? How might these decisions affect your child’s development? What challenges lie ahead? What contexts are shaping your child (e.g., peers)? You can choose to write about a short period of time (e.g., the first few months or year of your child’s life), or you may choose to write about a longer period of time (e.g., from birth to adolescence).You do not need to use APA style referencing or include a bibliography. You can cite things like these examples: 1. “According to Piaget, Billy was in the preoperational phase…” 2. “Based on the discrete emotions theory, …” 3. “Bowlby’s theory of attachment would predict that Suzy would act in this manner

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