Complete the following sections of your Potential Prospectus: Problem Statement


Complete the following sections of your Potential Prospectus:

  1. Problem Statement (unresolved problems of theoretical and/or practical significance in the domain covered in the background of the study section). 
  • State the general problem you identified through reading the literature.
  • Based on some of the literature reviewed for the background of the study, and given what other researchers are exploring, what meaningful gap have you identified that your study will address.
  • State the specific problem you are going to study for addressing the identified gap.
  • 2. Purpose of the Study (declaration of the intent of the study, which should be aligned with the problem statement).
  • Develop the purpose of your proposed study and start by using terms such as “The purpose of this”:
    • Qualitative study is to explore, understand, describe,…….
    • Quantitative study is to examine, analyze, predict,……
  • For mixed methods studies, both terminologies are used

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