Examine and explain what’s wrong with PCI DSS. Has it

 Examine and explain what’s wrong with PCI DSS. Has it become outdated or irrelevant in some way, or is it lagging behind modern technologies?  
— Atleast 7 pages
 — The paper has at least five references and at least two references are from peer reviewed journals
–Each paragraph of the paper has at least one citation.

The Writing

The research paper that you produce must be in APA style, as discussed. Style affects all components of the paper from margins and font choice to overall structure to references citations, including proper citation of laws and court cases.

In addition to using the APA style to guide your work, your team should also keep in mind the scoring rubric that is provided at iLearn. The more that your work answers the call of that rubric, the higher your score will be.

It is important to write well both in academia and in your professional lives. This is not only because communicating well is part of being a professional, but also because poorly written work detracts from the value of the work. Readers, intentionally or not, equate badly grammar, poor spelling, and other English writing mistakes with incomplete research or unpersuasive arguments. Perhaps that is in error—i.e., it is not actually the case that all poorly written work is dispensable—though that effect cannot be ignored.

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