Fill in the correct form of the verb “realize” in


Fill      in the correct form of the verb “realize” in the following      sentences:

Yesterday, we ——- too late that we forgot the sunscreen.

I ——— this is a mistake.

Any moment now, Sam ———- he’s getting sunburned.


Identify  the nouns in the following sentence: “The treasurer must complete the budget by April.”

First noun: 

Second noun: 

Third noun: 

Select  either who or whom for the      following sentences:

Last week,   who whom  brought the tea to the barbeque?

 who whom  did my brother spill his tea on?

Then   who whom  cleaned it up?


Identify      which indefinite article (a / an) each of the      following nouns require:






Fill      in the correct pronouns (its / their) for the      following sentences:

My little brother’s baseball team just won —- first game.

The audience cheered —- loudest.

The players all played —– best. 


Select the correct modifiers for the following sentences: (Well, bad, badly, good)

My coach says that   good well bad badly  soccer players practice every day.

However,   good well bad badly  soccer players never practice.

Our team lost 10 to 0 yesterday because we played   good well bad badly .

I feel I played   good well bad badly  today; I didn’t let a single goal in!


Which  of the following sentences correctly use commas  after prepositional phrases?


The birds were singing, in the forest.

 During the week I get coffee most days.

 Until next year, the election will be all over the news.

 As predators, cats are very deadly; some successfully   catch up to 75% of the prey they pursue every night. 

Select  the sentence below that utilizes consistent verb tense:

  Gerald will look for a place to live, so he submitted   an application to a local apartment complex.

 I did not fall for the scam because I am not born yesterday.

 I suspected that Lily is up to her old tricks again.

 I bought raspberries yesterday when I went to the market.


Select  the prepositional phrases that appear in the following sentence:

In March, the speed of development in our company far exceeds our previous records.

  In March

  of development

 in our company

 our previous records

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