Food Markets – Price Change

Description Commodity: Carrots Find an article (likely online, but if you’d prefer a newspaper or magazine article, that’s perfectly fine) that describes the change in the price of your chosen commodity. Then do the following: Describe this change in your own words, using the terminology you have been using in our supply and demand unit. Include a properly labelled supply and demand graph that shows the change in price. Describe any secondary effects you expect as a result of this change in the price of your commodity. For example, if the price of corn increases, what related goods may also see a change in price? And how could those changes trigger other further effects? This section should be limited to 250 words. Once the previous steps are completed (and on a separate page in your document), make a projection of what the price of your commodity will likely do over the coming year and also the next ten years. Things to include in your commentary: What factors will likely put upward pressure on the price? Explain. What factors will likely put downward pressure on the price? Explain. For this particular section, try to limit your word count to no more than 250 words. It’s good to be concise! ***See sample *** shadow-nuclear-disaster-fukushimas-rice-farmers-look-rebuild-market/#.Wq7CyOjwaUk Fukushima Rice Article Analysis

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