For Part A of Section 1: You have just been

 For Part A of Section 1: You have just been hired by a new school district as the Director of Special Education. The principal has asked you to outline your philosophy of education for the school newsletter. The newsletter is read by all teachers, staff, district leadership, parents, and guardians in the district. Complete a 2- to 3-page newsletter presentation that addresses your philosophy of education. All four categories (i.e., Professional Conduct, Professional Qualities, Communication, and Collaboration) of Walden’s dispositions must be infused into your philosophy of education presentation. 


Besides addressing each of the four categories, you should also address each of the following key questions.

  • Why are dispositions important to developing and sustaining a philosophy of education? Use theory and research to make your case.
  • What are your dispositions, and how are they evident in your philosophy of education?
  • In what way will your philosophy impact future activities that will promote social change in the district?
  • In what way will your philosophy impact future research activities that you may wish to pursue in the district to promote the best possible education for all students. (Note: In Section 2, you will outline a study about a topic of interest. Feel free to mention this topic in your response to this question.)

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