For this assignment, you are required to create a video

For this assignment, you are required to create a video on the importance of water in the body. The video can be made using PowerPoint or PowToons or other video software and should be 3 minutes long. 

  • Your video must have audio (prepare a script before recording)
  • It should include
    • the functions of water
    • the amount of water an average adult should consume
    • how to consume this volume of water – what foods and beverages to include in the diet
    • the effect of not having enough water in the body
    • how population beverage choices influence the function of water in the body.
  • Your video may include images and tables.
  • Include sources as needed to support your text.
  • Submit a link to your video (you will need to upload your PowerPoint video, if you chose to use PowerPoint, to YouTube to share it). You can choose to  Upload (or record) your video using Canvas. The instructions for Canvas are located in the Read Me First Section in the course.

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