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Content is well organized and presented in a logical fashion.

Includes an introduction and concluding paragraph

  • Headings are used to organize responses to 4 of the 5 following questions:
  • How have your opinions regarding rural health evolved over the course? How has your learning affected preconceptions you brought with you into class?
  • What are key insights from this course that influenced your understanding of rural health issues?

What have you learned that has influenced how you think about rural health outcomes, rural social determinants of health and rural health care delivery systems?

  1. Identify an organization or individual dedicated to improving rural health outcomes (discussed in class) that you find most inspiring. Explain why the organization or individual inspires you.
  2. How has specific course content influenced how you think about your career and life goals?

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Content is presented in a clear and organized manner, with an introduction and concluding paragraph. Headings are used to organize responses to the given questions.

1. Over the course, my opinions regarding rural health have evolved significantly. I have gained a better understanding of the unique health challenges faced by individuals in rural communities and the disparities in healthcare access and delivery. My learning has also affected preconceptions I brought with me into class, particularly regarding the role of social determinants of health in rural areas.

2. Key insights from this course that influenced my understanding of rural health issues include the importance of community-based healthcare delivery models, the impact of social determinants of health, and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration to improve health outcomes in rural areas.

3. I have learned that rural health outcomes are influenced by a complex interplay of social, economic, and geographic factors, which require solutions and interventions that take these factors into account. Further, I have gained a better understanding of the unique challenges faced by rural healthcare delivery systems, including staffing shortages and inadequate infrastructure.

4. The organization that I find most inspiring in terms of improving rural health outcomes is the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). This organization has been dedicated to improving healthcare access and delivery in rural areas since 1978 and advocates for relevant health policies through research, education, and outreach. Their work has inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare policy and advocacy.

5. Specific course content has influenced how I think about my career and life goals by broadening my knowledge of health disparities and the importance of community-based healthcare models. It has motivated me to explore career opportunities that focus on using policy and advocacy to address healthcare disparities and improve health outcomes in marginalized communities.

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