Historical site,The Hermitage and Andrew Jackson

historical site The Hermitage and Andrew Jackson 

Paper details Biographical essay 4 pages , citations should be in Chicago style inserted in the text, include a bibliography at the back, use ten sources include a title page and byline for historical site analysis paper. All paper requirements times new roman, 12 point font, 1 in margin on all sides, page numbers, double space main text of the paper except for works cited,0 pt. paragraph spacing. I would like to know how much land was owned that the Hermitage was built on and who constructed it and how long it took to build it. Why did Andrew choose to build on that site? How many slaves did he own and did the civil wars take place there?. Did Andrew take the lives of the Indians in order to have such a estate, Why is The Hermitage considered as a historical site today. Why do they recreate History?

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