How Does Bulimia Affect The Body Of Women, Off All Ages, Similarly and

How Does Bulimia Affect The Body Of Women, Off All Ages, Similarly and Differently From Anorexia or Other Eating Disorder?


 Details That’s a link to a survey that should be included in my research and the data should be based on it: I need my research with a minimal word limit of 2500 words and a maximum of 3000 words. A. Abstract – Presents the overview of the research question and topic, literature studies, and methodology. – Is in passive voice – Includes findings/conclusion. B. Introduction – Research question/ Hypothesis C. Literature Review – Academic studies undertaken-relevant to the research question – Chosen studies are genuine/ authentic – Approach to the research question/ topic and relating it to the studies chosen. – Subtitles – Establishes and maintains a formal style. D. Methodology – Quantitative/ Qualitative data ( the link of the survey is mentioned above) – Type of research – Data collection tools – Procedure – Participants ( Justify the chosen) E. Data Analysis and Interpretation – Correlations with justification – Establishes and maintains a formal style. F. Conclusion – Suggestions/recommendations G. Critical Reflection – Is in personal voice – Includes Descriptive details – References ( APA style) H- Appendixes – Questionnaire, surveys – Consent and assent form (optional) – Graphs

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