Human Capital Management Article Analysis

Topic Human Capital Management Article Analysis

Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details You are to choose an article relevant to HCM from the media (for example Straits Times, Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, etc). The date of publication of the article must not be earlier than 1st January 2019. Your task is to critically analyze, evaluate and reflect on the content of the article in relation to what has been learnt in the module and the library research carried out pertaining to the topic of the article. You may choose to examine/analyze the issues or challenges faced by organisations as highlighted in the article or examine the relevant concepts and theories with reference to the article. New insights, critical opinions or proposed solutions offered with supporting arguments will be highly valued. You should not regurgitate the content of the article or any reference source. Any attempt to summarise the article should be avoided as credit will not be given for doing so. You should edit and proof-read the assignment before submission. The assignment, not exceeding 4 pages excluding references and appendices, is to be submitted in hard copy latest by week 10, together with a hard copy of the original article attached to it. Any assignment that exceeds 4 pages will not be graded. Submissions later than the deadline may not be granted credits. For consistency among all, please: i) type in Calibri font size 12 with single line spacing; ii) provide a one-inch margin on all sides of the page; iii) print on double-sided; iv) attach the Cover page (provided on page 7 of this document) with all details filled in; v) provide a proper listing for all references made.

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