In this project, you will need to apply what we

In this project, you will need to apply what we learned in this class to analyze a real problem and write a report.

You need to find your own dataset and determine the business question. However, if you cannot find a proper dataset, please use the Titanic dataset to finish the project (You get 5% bonus if you use your own dataset instead of

Each student will need to:

  1. Obtainadataset(Titanicorother)
  2. Define the business question
  3. Determine the type of model based on the question (descriptive,
  4. Describe the question and your data – in text
  5. Do the description analysis using statistical numbers and graphs (using
    table and graphs)
  6. Do the data analysis using RapidMiner to answer the business question
    (describe the model, run the model, and show the results). Use one of
    the methods used in this course.
  7. Do the model evaluation (evaluate the model to see whether it is good)
  8. Discuss potential problems and improvements


Each student will need to submit a report – minimum 5 pages (exclude title page, table of contents and reference page), 1.5 line spacing, regular margin,

font size 12pt.

Note: All the work (including analysis, tables, graphs etc.) should be done by the student. Only thing the student is getting from an external source is the dataset. Any content from external source must be included with a reference citation.

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