Let’s consider the top three strengths you MOST identify with.

  1. Let’s consider the top three strengths you MOST identify with. For each strength you select, write a short explanation of why you chose it and describe how you’ve demonstrated that strength in your personal or professional life. (Honesty, Multitasking, and communication) 
  2. Ask three people what they think your top three strengths are. Try to ask people who know you well, like family, friends, other students, or close coworkers. Then, write all of the strengths that others connected with you. Which of the strengths do you identify with most?
  3. Describe two areas of your life where you see room for improvement. Write a short explanation as to why you chose both of these areas and how they’re holding you back from getting to where you want to go.
  4. Choose three people in your life and ask each of them for one area where they think you can improve. To get a better feel for your weaknesses in the workplace, it is best to ask someone like a work supervisor, an instructor, or another authority figure, but you can also ask a friend or family member that knows you well. What areas for improvement did each person identify?
  5. List at least five values that are meaningful to you. Describe why you selected each one. ( Family, Friendship, Loyalty, Health, Financial Security) 
  6. what kind of VALUES do you think someone whom you look up has and why? 

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