Major Assignment #1 Instructions: Ethical Decision For this assignment, your

Major Assignment #1 Instructions: Ethical Decision

For this assignment, your task will be to make a decision about how to solve an ethical problem for your company by considering several options and then looking at pros and cons for each of those options. 

Step #1: Brainstorm and Prepare Your Ideas                                                                                                          

You will receive an ethical problem.  For this problem, you need to brainstorm at least three possible options to solve this problem (option 1, option 2, option 3 etc.).  Then, for each of these options, you need to analyze them to determine what are the possible pros (advantages) and cons (risks) for each option.

Option 1:                           

• Explanation• Pros• Cons

Option 2:                              

• Explanation• Pros• Cons

Option 3:                                

• Explanation • Pros • Cons•   

Step #2: Make a decision     

You have to choose among the 3 options that you were given. However, if you can think of a 4th better option than the 3 you were given you are free to do so. 

Step #3: Justify your decision   

In a 10-15 minute presentation, you will have to explain and justify why you chose one of those solutions. 

You must submit your assignments by Wednesday May4th.

(Students, who follow the course asynchronously by watching the videos and those who cannot present due to technical issues, can do a written report of 750-1000 words APA format)


• David Tovar is the spokesperson for our company• We are considering promoting him to Senior Vice-President.  We have to decide whether to promote him or not.• David started at our company 20 years ago• He said he had a university degree when he applied for the job (20 years ago)• We did background check and found out he doesn’t have a degree.  • We talked to him and he says he never graduated from university but thought it wasn’t a problem after he got the job.• He never told anyone about this until we asked him as part of this process

Option #1:  Fire David                                                                                                                                                   

We should tell David that we appreciate everything he has done for our company for 20 years, but we have to fire him to set a precedent and a strong example for other staff.

Option #2: Promote David with a Warning                                                                                                              

We can tell David that we will give him a break this one time because of his 20 years of good work.  We will give him a formal warning that must go on his file and if there is any evidence of any other unethical behaviour, he will be fired.

Option #3: Give David a Warning but No Promotion

We will tell David that he can remain as the head spokesperson for our company, but he will not be able to get a senior executive position because of his lie when joining the company

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