Module 2 Film Analysis A. The purpose of this assignment


Module 2 Film Analysis

A.  The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a western, science-fiction or noir film according to concepts from chapters 2, 8, and 9.
B.  Students should draw upon text material and will show an ability to synthesize text material with personal observations.C.  Papers must include, but are NOT limited to:     -What film was chosen and why.     -The genre and subgenre(s) of the film.     -Your general thoughts on the film.     -No more than one paragraph summarizing the plot of the film.

D.  How each of the following elements of the film led to the creation of a particular reality for the viewer:  
          -composition of figures and background
          -lighting and movement
          -everything else within the frame
     -narrative (including master narrative and/or dominant fictions)  E.  Additional guidelines include:

-Papers must be two-and-a-half to five pages . -Papers must be typed in 10-point, double-spaced Arial font and follow MLA formatting.    -Papers are worth 125 points and will be graded according to the attached rubric.  

F. Attach the paper as a Word, RTF or PDF attachment in the assignment link. 

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