Museum visit-choose a work of art, and write an analytical essay

Introduction 5 – 8 pages or between 1250–2000 words in length double spaced double-spaced in APA or MLA format 12 pt. font, Arial or Times New Roman Pages numbered Proper organization, complete sentences, grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice The assignment will be submitted as a MS Word document in either APA or MLA writing format. The selected work and artist must be from the time frame covered in the class. The Paper Itself: This exercise is partly a response essay and partly a research paper. You will visit the museum, choose a work of art, and write an analytical essay based on what you can see, and then place that work within the artist’s overall career. Looking is not as simple as you may think. Rather than merely describe the object, you will want to analyze its form. You need to ask yourself the questions:

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