PICOT Question: For patients 18 years and older on a

PICOT Question:

For patients 18 years and older on a medical-surgical unit, what is the impact of implementing the AHRQ’s Fall TIPS Toolkit, compared to current practice, on patient fall rate over 8-10 weeks?

Examine potential barriers to disseminating DNP practice change projects and how these barriers can be overcome.

The process in research that involves sharing new information with those with an invested interest is known as dissemination (AHRQ, 2020). Dissemination of information discovered through research is critical to implementing an evidence-based intervention to improve patient outcomes (Derman & Jaeger, 2018). Common barriers to dissemination include lack of strategy, and interest by stakeholders, and inadequate time and resources (NIHR, 2019). To avoid common barriers to disseminating evidence-based research, the researcher must have a strategy in planning the dissemination, including knowing the purpose, message, audience, method, and timing (AHRQ, 2020). 

How did your preceptor/mentor provide timely feedback when you had questions and serve as a professional role model as you implemented your project?

I did not implement a project as a DNP student during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As an alternative, I conducted a case study and integrative review on preventing patient falls in the acute care setting. Throughout the process, the faculty served as mentors. A mentor is an experienced professional who uses their knowledge to help guide, support, and advise a mentee (Nersesian et al., 2019). My mentors for this session were the course faculty Dr. Baldomero and the course leader, Dr. Schroetter. Both faculty members were very responsive to email and Canva Messaging inquiries. They typically responded within 24 hours. They are professional role models. They are detailed with the information required to complete assignments, provide thoughtful feedback, and are very supportive, encouraging, and helpful. According to Heitzler & Fullbright (2021, p.46), “Great mentors come with a positive attitude, are invested in the project and the student’s success, value collaboration, and use an individualized approach to mentor the student.”

Cyntrel Janeau


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