please respond to this post in 200 words The Officer

please respond to this post in 200 words

The Officer and NCO relationship should be one of trust and mutual respect.  In the beginning, new lieutenants to the Army are put in charge of platoons and rate seasoned platoon sergeants.  This can create an unfair dynamic where one party may feel superior to the other.  NCO’s may feel that their time in service demonstrates their superiority in knowledge about the Army and its systems.  Lieutenants may feel they are superior because of their position as Commissioned Officers.  This is where a shared mutual understanding of each role comes into play.  Officers must understand the NCO’s do most of the actual tasks and treat them with the dignity and respect that they have earned throughout the years.  NCO’s also must recognize the importance of Commissioned Officers and the planning skills they bring to the table.  This mutual respect is founded in trust through the joint commitment to the Army values and their individual companies mission set.  As Officers progress through the ranks and become more seasoned to Army knowledge, principles, and techniques this shared mutual trust and respect becomes even more important.  NCO’s groom Officers in the beginning and then Officers shape the organizations as their leadership skills and influence progress through the ranks.  The early part of the relationship is the most important for Officers and NCOs to create this shared trust.  For instance, if a young lieutenant in his platoon leader time has a bad platoon sergeant, his opinion of non-commissioned Officers is going to be affected for the rest of his career.  On the other hand, if a platoon leader doesn’t exhibit leadership and a willingness to learn, he will not earn the trust and respect of the platoon.  The enlisted soldiers will not follow the lieutenant and it will be difficult for the Commander to achieve his goals.  First impressions matter, and that first contact between the two can either set the foundation of trust or build a wall between the two. 

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