Professor feedback: As I go through the file I see


Professor feedback: 

 As I go through the file I see that it is really not revised at all; some of the changes I made were worked in and the others left alone. Because I was conscious of the seriousness of revision, I asked you to revise your manuscript at least five times.  We cannot take any short cuts with that necessary step.  

I went up to page 20 in the new version you sent me.  I see that the same old repetitions and sentence errors continue.  The only way to go forward is for me to rewrite your dissertation.  That will not be possible; I am here to tell you how to correct and how to write, not write the dissertation for you and to give you a refined submission copy.  

Please please please write carefully

Sateesh Rangoli Diss2_FinalCopy”  is the final feedback given by professor as per previous submission

Student Writing Sample” file and “Student Sample1” are the sample files given by professor how dissertation paper should be

Sateesh Rangoli Diss_1st feedback” is the first feedback given by professor. Content submitted which was intial  was very bad. 

We also  need to update “Sateesh Rangoli Diss2_FinalCopy”  paper with feedback from file  “Sateesh Rangoli Diss_1st feedback”  as content is very 

bad as per professor notes

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