Question 1: (1 page, 1 reference) Assume that you are

Question 1: (1 page, 1 reference)

Assume that you are hired as a researcher to provide consultation to the university in helping the institution to better support the students. Based on interviews with school administrators, you have concluded that the university is interested in improving student retention and graduation rates. You have also formed the operational theory that student retention is influenced by general and academic adjustment, including financial and living conditions of the students. 

You are asked to conduct a qualitative study, either through one-on-one interviews (at least three students) or a focus group (at least five students). In preparation for your study, answer the following questions: 

●  Assess if your research is confirmatory or exploratory in nature. What is the orientation of your research, and why? 

●  Provide your rationale for selecting data collection methods through focus group or direct interview. How did you address some of the main disadvantages of your approach? 

●  What are some of the questions that you are planning to ask during the focus group meeting or the interview? How will you analyze your collected data? 

Question 2: 

This activity relates to the question 1. For this assignment, you are tasked with reporting the results of your study in the form of a written paper. Before presenting the results and your conclusion, use your answers to the question 1 to explain the purpose, data collection method, and the design of your qualitative study. Explain your data coding procedures and extraction of results. 

a)  Show the coding of the data in the transcription of the interviews. 

b)   Extract issues regarding students based on the coding of the data.

c)  In the paper, you must also explain your approach in addressing some of the ethical issues in data collection through interviews.  

Question 3:(1 page, 1 reference)

View Video “The Best Internship Advice” by Lauren Berger (4:00 min) at 

●  Describe what you think of this video message?

●  What are the three top skills that you need to use to make your internship successful? 

●  How to make the most of your internship as an education consultant, what is one change you will make to excel. 

●  Do you have a recommendation for other interns? 

Be sure to make entries in your journal each week about your experiences.

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