Question 1 Give yourself a grade for this class this


Question 1 Give yourself a grade for this class this semester.  NO, not a grade that you want to receive for this class but an honest assessment of how much you learned in this class and your ability to take what you learned into your future work, future endeavors, and life in general.  Did you learn how to think differently?  If so, give examples.  This is an honest assessment of your consumption of this class and how much you absorbed for future use.  If you give yourself an A or D it has no reflection on your final grade.  Just be honest, be reflective and give examples.  Your answer is important for you and important for me.  I am looking forward to what you have to say.

Question 2 Jim was driving down the road when he saw his old boss Terri, who he did not like.  In the cross-walk, Terri was walking legally as she had the light to cross. Jim wanted to scare Terri so he sped up his car so she would think he would hit her.  The only problem was as he sped up he could not stop in time and hit Terri.  Terri was seriously hurt, and the ambulance was called. As EMS was putting Terri in the ambulance, she shouted out “Jim, you are a killer and you are a terrible person.”

Please discuss what cause of action Terri has against Jim for running into her (Intentional tort, Negligence, or Strict Liability). Please explain your answer thoroughly and defend your response.  Also, does Jim have any cause of action against Terri for defamation? Please explain thoroughly and defend your answer.

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