Read HBR “The hidden traps in decision making” Hammond, Keeney,


  • Read HBR “The hidden traps in decision making” Hammond, Keeney, & Raiffa (2006)


  • Unit Journal Posts – Individual

Students will make three (3) Posts per UNIT. Each Post must be a MINIMUM of 200 words.

Each Post must consist of the following three (3) elements:

  • an important fact from the UNIT reading,
  • what this fact means,
  • why this post is important to you.

 Student will post one (1) response per UNIT. Students will select another student’s Post and provide an encouraging response to the ideas expressed by that student. Each Response must be MINIMUM of 100 words.

Post Journal in Unit 4 Journal

Due Feb 07, 2022 – 11:30pm (PST).

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