Read the following cases and identify whether training is an

Read the following cases and identify whether training is an appropriate solution to each.

Case 1) A bank manager has noticed that two to three employees continually show up late to work and she wants them to start arriving on time.

Case 2) Many new employees at a company struggle to learn the main customer relationship management (CRM) software. It typically takes them a month to be comfortable using it and management wants to cut that down to 2 weeks.

Case 3) Park Rangers at a state forest park are supposed to write tickets for cars parked illegally on the fire service roads when the parking lots are full, but most Park Rangers don’t write the tickets because they sympathize with the patrons because they know the parking lots are woefully inadequate for the number of visitors in the park.

Case 4) A company just moved into a new much larger and much more high-tech building. The janitors have all new equipment and different types of high-tech rooms that require specialized cleaning and maintenance requirements. The janitors have no experience with this new equipment or requirements.

Part 1: 

In 75-100 words for each of the cases above, explain why training is appropriate or not. If not, explain what a more appropriate solution might be.

Part 2: 

For the cases that you determined training to be appropriate, in 250-500 words describe what strategies would be effective to facilitate learning to solve the performance issue.

Cite at least two – three academic sources to support your claims.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite for plagiarism and similarity score check


Read Chapter 2 in The Trainer’s Handbook.

Read “Where Companies Go Wrong With Learning and Development,” by Glaveski, from Harvard Business Review Digital Article (2019)

Read “Making Sure the Solutions Are the Right Ones:Training Needs Analysis,” by Martin, from Training and Development in Australia (2009).

Read “Know When Training Is the Right Solution,” by Bennett, from Strategic HR Review (2011).

Read “Life-Span Learning and Development and Its Implications for Workplace Training,” by Beier, from Current Directions in Psychological Science (2021).

Read “Workplace Training in the Age of AI,” by Lowe, from Boston Review (2021)

Read “An Adult Learner’s Learning Style Should Inform But Not Limit Educational Choices,” by Barry & Egan, from International Review of Education (2018).

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