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What is a major function of the limbic system? Explain your answer.

a. Overall control of fluid balance

b. Required for logical thinking, reason, and decision making

c. Determines emotional responses

d. Responsible for artistic and musical talents.

Limbic System Function
The limbic system is regarded as the primary organ associated with expressing emotions and behavior. Ideally, the amygdala, hippocampus, and hypothalamus are parts of the limbic system, a group of brain regions that are essential in encoding emotion and memory (Swidan & Schultz, 2020). The limbic system’s innermost region, the amygdala, seems to be an integrative element. It serves a crucial role in cognitive functions and is widely regarded as the limbic system’s most fundamental and essential component. Besides, the limbic system is situated inside the mind’s cerebrum, underneath the temporal lobes, and is trapped beneath the cerebral cortex, an element that is demonstrated as the peripheral segment of the brain. The capacity to experience and communicate emotions is a special trait that has been discovered in a wide range of animals. Particularly in living beings, a broad spectrum of feelings is felt and expressed, influencing how people behave. The hypothalamus and cerebrum physically border the component of the brain thought to be accountable for control of the same function (Swidan & Schultz, 2020). 
At the same time, given that it was believed that the limbic system was predominantly connected to the sense of smell, it was initially referred to as the rhinencephalon. According to Swidan and Schultz (2020), the limbic system performs considerably extra tasks than previously assumed. Further, it is acknowledged that these components have an approach to learning, memory creation and retention, sexual desire, and the perception and regulation of emotions. Regarding how closely related the limbic system is to the neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous systems, it is hypothesized to play a significant role in the brain’s response to stressful situations.

Swidan, S., & Schultz, C. E. (2020). The Limbic System, Oxytocin, and Pain Management. In Advanced Therapeutics in Pain Medicine (pp. 265-274). CRC Press.

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