For this third and final paper you are to analyze a motion picture. The film can be from any point in history; it does not need to be a recent film. The paper should be organized into three parts:


Part I

This part of your paper should present a brief plot synopsis of the film under investigation, including a brief description of the primary characters and action. This plot synopsis should be a maximum of 400 words in length.

Part II

This part of your paper should present your analysis of the film. Your task is to identify, define, describe, and evaluate the significant rhetorical strategies represented by the actions and language of the characters. In this part of the paper, you must discuss how at least four of Redding and Steele’s rhetorical strategies apply to your chosen film. However, you may also create original rhetorical strategies that you think are suitable for your analysis. For any strategy you identify, you should clearly define the strategy and include specific examples of action or dialogue from the film that support and/or illustrate that chosen strategy.

Part III

This section of your paper should identify and explain the single most dominant rhetorical strategy represented by the film you have analyzed. You should clarify how the strategies you discovered (in Part II) combined to form a main strategy — affirmation, reaffirmation, subversion, or purification. For example, perhaps the dominant strategy is reaffirmation of rejection of authority or maybe it is subversion of the value of family. In other words, what is the overall message of the film? What moral does it teach the audience? What worldview does the film communicate to you as a critical viewer?


DUE BY 11:59 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18th. (This is an updated deadline. While you can wait to submit this paper on the last day of class, I’d recommend you finish this during Week Seven so you’re not overwhelmed with work during the last few days of class.)



This is a personal evaluation. I am most interested in your interpretation; your ability to begin looking at a program critically. This paper will not be judged in terms of whether or not I agree with your interpretation, rather on the depth and sophistication of your analysis.

Technical Requirements:

Your paper must meet the following requirements in order to receive a passing grade:

Your paper must be between 1,200-2,000 pages in length.

A title page is required in addition to the 1,200-2,000 words of writing. It doesn’t “count” as a page.

You must include the word count on the title page.

Papers must be typewritten.

Use 12 point Times New Roman font. Do not enlarge the font size.

Use standard one-inch top, bottom, and side margins. 

Use double line spacing.

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