Restore the System Disk for a Windows 8.1 Workstation

Procedure 3: Restore the System Disk for a Windows 8.1 Workstation

Use the same tool and tool research as performed for Procedure #5. If necessary, identify additional sources of information and instructions for using your selected tool(s) to perform the following tasks:

Verify the validity of the backup image or file (using the hash code).

Use the “known good” copy (system backup or system image) to rebuild a workstation hard drive so that it contains the Windows 8.1 operation system and installed applications.

Identify how the tool could be used during the containment, eradication & recovery phase of the incident response and recovery process. Typical uses include:

Restore workstation hard drives to a “known good” configuration.

Build a new system disk using a replacement or newly purchased hard drive.

Restore the system to full operating status after an attack or suspected attack.

Write a guidance document that identifies the tool, explains the capabilities it provides, and then lists and briefly describes the recommended uses identified under item #2. Add a list of resources that can be consulted for additional information. Next, summarize the procedures required to perform the tasks listed under item #1 (do not provide step-by-step instructions). Close your guidance document with a Notes / Warnings / Restrictions section that answers the question “Is there anything else the incident responder needs to be aware of when using this tool?” 

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