Review media segment in which three early childhood professionals discuss

  • Review media segment in which three early childhood  professionals discuss their thoughts and experiences in working with  children and their families who are immigrants. Which comments and  insights from the media segment resonated with you the most?
  • Bring to mind the course text reading and the ideas shared  throughout Chapter 5. Also consider what you have learned about  transnational families from the article Supporting Transnational  Families. What aspects of cultural dissonance might a child from a  transnational family experience? How might these aspects be revealed in  the context of an authentic transnational family?
  • Finally, think about your own personal and professional dispositions.  What do you expect will be your greatest joy(s) and challenge(s) when  it comes to working with immigrant and/or transnational families?

Then address the following prompts:

  • At least one specific idea, experience, and/or challenge presented  by the practitioners in the media segment that you found to be  particularly noteworthy, insightful, or helpful as it relates to working  with families and children who are immigrants.
  • A summary of three aspects of cultural dissonance a child from a  transnational family might experience. In your summary, compose a brief  scenario that illustrates one of these aspects in the context of an  authentic transnational family.
  • One joy and one challenge that you might experience while working with immigrant and/or transnational families.

See the attached ‘Anti-Bias” Book and review Chapters 5 and 8!

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