Rhetorical artifact: Evaluation is to consider what came before it,

The final assignment for this class is to take an event or rhetorical artifact (this could be something from the media or even a movie) and analyze it from a rhetorical perspective. To do so is to look at it critically and ask yourself why it is rhetorical and how. Evaluation is to consider what came before it, what came after it, why now? How does the rhetor use language, visualization, metaphor. What is the rhetor’s purpose? Was it effective? What type of evidence is used?

You should find and use at least 6 different sources that support your argument. These should be a combination of news media and scholarly journals. Here is an example: The movie Broke Back Mountain (a rhetorical artifact) changed the way the US understood homosexuality and the guise of manliness. Now, how do I support that argument through a rhetorical analysis? Other credible people who have written about this, my own perception of the movie, how the attitude towards homosexual men changed after the movie, how the movie visually portrayed these two men, etc etc. The first step is to create a one-page concept sheet with at least 8 sources that you might potentially use – due 3/24 The final step is to write a 5 -6 page paper, due 4/28 *** This is for a communication class – Rhetoric and Public Address *** There are two things that are needed (1) one-page concept sheet (2) 5 page paper

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