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 Sustainable Business Innovation Research: 10 of the 25 module marks for this assessment You need to identify ONE Innovation in Sustainable Business. In order to this, it is recommended that you first do the following to help direct your initial literature searches a) Select ONE business process to examine b) Focus on either an environmental aspect of sustainability OR a social aspect for your innovation In the final module assessment, you will be writing a structured report on your selected innovation. For this first assessment, you will be undertaking formative work to ensure your final report is of high quality. It is recommended you also read the final Module Assessment (Portfolio) to understand what you are aiming to do in your final report Your task is to then do the following: I. Produce a draft title for your Innovation in Sustainable Business Research II. Find TWO Case studies on your innovation, at LEAST ONE of which must be an article from an academic journal. You must provide full references for each of these. III. Find THREE supporting references, at LEAST ONE of which must be an article from an academic journal. Again, you must provide full references for these. IIII. You then need to provide a Justification of each source, guidance on this is given below. Word count should be 750 words Example The Examples below are not complete, they provide you with a guide on what is expected Draft Title – Innovation in Product Service Systems in the Clothing Sector Case Study Sources Zamani, B., Sandin, G., & Peters, G. M. (2017). Life cycle assessment of clothing libraries: can collaborative consumption reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion?. Journal of Cleaner Production, 162, 1368-1375. Justification of Source This primarily Swedish based research employed life cycle assessment to evaluate the environmental performance of Clothing Libraries compared to more normal fast fashion models….. Patagonia (2018) Annual Benefit Corporation Report. Available from Accessed 14th January 2019 Justification of Source Patagonia is a Californian based company which was one of the first to register as a “B Corp”, an American initiative that enables companies to pursue goals other than maximum shareholder returns. Patagonia is a founder of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. As a recognised business leader in Sustainable Apparel, this Case Study will provide key material for innovative practice in product-service systems in Clothing, the research focus here. Other Sources Example Becker-Leifhold, C. V. (2018). The role of values in collaborative fashion consumption-A critical investigation through the lenses of the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Cleaner Production, 199, 781-791. Justification of Source This is a research article exploring Collaborative Consumption as innovation in Product Service systems in the clothing sector. It utilises the theory of planned behaviour as a lens through which to analyse empirical data collected on consumer values and their relationship to intention to engage with new collaborative consumption models such as clothing rental. This article provides concepts to aid in understanding the chosen innovation.

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