“The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives”

 Why is it difficult for refugees to integrate into their new country? Why is their experience so different? “Otherness” –fear and trauma of what…Examples Language barriers, being poor, without work, trying to fit in, not knowing the customs of your new home and not knowing anyone, not knowing how to establish yourself, there are a lot of family members that were left behind, hard choices, different cultures –moving a lot FIND EVIDENCE FOR AT LEAST 4 OF THE POINTS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IN YOUR ESSAY TO ANSWER THE QUESTION FOR EACH POINT –WE NEED TO HAVE 2 PIECES OF EVIDENCE (QUOTES) . IT CAN BE FROM DIFFERENT STORIES. EXAMPLE: 1. LOSS x 2 examples/quotes/ analysis 2. TRAUMA x 2 examples 3. FEAR x 2 examples 4. RESENTMENT x 2 examples Introduction: • Thesis statement –what question you are answering • Points you are going to make • No contractions • Introduce the book The Displaced –MLA Ed. • • Body paragraphs Evidence /quotes, you will need to introduce where those quotes are from, naming the essay, “title” author’s name MLA in text- Quotes “asdfaosdfjalsdkfjlej,” (last name Ed) Second source when there is an editor • Connect the evidence-analysis-back to the point, support your thesis=supporting your answer • Transitional sentences In conclusion –paragraph –beyond the summary of the essay. Work cited last page-MLA format How do we start? -statement about refugees -summary of the book -don’t put a question -Refugee definition -immigrant v. refugee 

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