The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

– Title (the yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ) Introduction : 1- Provides necessary background material to establish significance of the analysis. Avoids vague, generalized statements. 2- References author (full name), title of story, and subject matter before mentioning anything specific from the story. 3- Contains a strongly worded, well placed, concise thesis statement that clearly presents the interpretation/theme/conflict that will be argued in the paper. It is clear (implicitly or explicitly) what type of analysis the student will conduct. Body 1- Each paragraph contains an analytical topic sentence that elucidates the subtopic AND connects to the thesis. 2- The writer’s assertions are supported with aptly chosen direct references to the text, including paraphrasing and smoothly and accurately incorporated quotes. 3- Examples are followed by the writer’s commentary, establishing a clear connection to the topic sentence (and thesis.) The sub-points and support are clearly explained/phrased. 4- The paper avoids a simple summary of the work, instead offering critical commentary in support of the thesis statement. 5-The paper presents a logically organized argument, employing artful transitions. 6- The paper is a fully developed discussion of the complete work. The writer’s interpretation of the story is accurate, substantiated, and well-argued

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