This course covers the 3 main areas of Criminal Justice:

This course covers the 3 main areas of Criminal Justice: Policing; Courts; and Corrections. Your assignment is to take one of these elements, which can be broken down, (i.e. Corrections may be broken down to Probation, Parole, Community Corrections, Prison and Jobs, Prison Life, Correction Officers, etc.) and research the historical perspective. The paper should summarize how/where it began, and where it is now. The paper should also include your thoughts on changes, opinions, ideas that you would employ. These changes can be structural, bureaucratic, etc. Instructions: For this assignment, you will submit your Research Paper, based on the resources you selected in Unit 5. Your research paper must include:  Abstract o The abstract should be a single paragraph, double-spaced and be between 150-200 words in length. o The abstract should also contain your thesis statement.  An introduction to your approved topic.  Describe where it was in a historical context, and where it now.  Your thoughts on needed changes, opinions, and ideas you would employ (structural, bureaucratic, etc.) and how you would employ them  Conclusion

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