This task assesses the following learning outcomes: Understand how companies

  1. This task assesses the following learning outcomes:
    • Understand how companies are created and how to register all business transactions in the main accounting books: The Journal and the Ledger.
    • Understand how to prepare a company’s Trial Balance.
    • Learning how to record adjusting entries at the end of each month and preparing and Adjusted Trial Balance.
    • Understand how to record the closing entries to be able to close the company’s accounting books.
    • Understand how to prepare the company’s financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Retained Earnings.
    • Acquire a thorough understanding of the company’s accounting cycle and the importance of all the procedures need to determine the company’s final
      net income and its financial situation in the Balance Sheet.
      Problem 1: Recording transactions in the journal, posting to T accounts and trial balance (30 points)
      On February 20, Jane Doe began a new business called Doe Printing, which provides typing, duplicating, and printing services. The following six transactions were completed by the business during February.

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

Issued to Jane 1,000 shares of capital stock in exchange for her investment of $200,000 cash. (4 points)
Purchased land and a small building for $550,000, paying $150,000 cash and signing a note payable for the balance. The land was worth $240,000 and the building $310,000. (5 points)
Purchased office equipment for $50,000 from Staples, Inc. Paid $18,000 cash and agreed to pay the balance within 60 days. (4 points) Purchased a motorcycle on credit for $3,500 to be used for making deliveries to customers and agreed to make payment to Spokes, Inc. within 10 days. (4 points)

Paid in full the account payable to Spokes, Inc. (4 points)
Borrowed $40,000 from a bank and signed a note payable due in six months. (4 points)

1. Record the above transactions in general journal form. (18 points) 2. Post the entries in the T accounts below. (12 points)


Problem 2: Recording adjusting entries (24 points)

Hollander Laboratory adjusts and closes its accounts at the end of each month. The trial balance on September 30, 2020, before adjustments is as follows:

page3image24347200 page3image24347392 page3image24347584 page3image24347776 page3image24347968 page3image24348160

Accounts Receivable
Prepaid Rent
Office Supplies
Medical Equipment
Accumulated Depreciation: Medical
Accounts Payable
Notes Payable
Unearned Revenue
Capital Stock
Retained Earnings
Medical Revenue
Salaries Expense
Utilities Expense
Insurance Expense
Total $96,000

$18,200 27,000 5,000 1,200

page3image24348352 page3image24348544 page3image24348736 page3image24348928 page3image24349120 page3image24349312page3image24349504 page3image24349696 page3image24349888 page3image24350080 page3image24350272 page3image24350464



8,000 14,000 18,000 16,000


page3image24350656 page3image24350848 page3image24351040 page3image24351232 page3image24351424 page3image24351616page3image24351808 page3image24352000 page3image24352192 page3image24352384 page3image24352576 page3image24352768page3image24352960 page3image24353152 page3image24353344 page3image24353536 page3image24353728 page3image24353920page3image24354112 page3image24354304 page3image24354496 page3image24354688 page3image24354880 page3image24355072page3image24355264 page3image24355456 page3image24355648

14,000 2,000 5,800

page3image24355840 page3image24356032 page3image24356224 page3image24356416 page3image24356608 page3image24356800page3image24356992 page3image24357184 page3image24357376


page3image24357568 page3image24357760 page3image24357952

The following information relates to month end adjustments:

(1) Office supplies consumed during September 30 amounted to $600.
(2) The useful life of the medical equipment was estimated to be 10 years.
(3) Many patients pay in advance for major medical procedures. Fees of $7,000 were earned during the month by performing procedures patients who had paid in advance.
(4) Salaries earned by employees during the month but not yet recorded amounted to $2,500.
(5) On September 1 Hollander Laboratory paid $5,000 for 2 month’s rent in advance.
(6) Medical procedures performed during the month but not yet billed or recorded amounted to $8,600.

Instructions: Prepare the adjusting entries required at September 30. (4 points per entry)

Problem 3: Closing entries and preparing Financial Statements (46 points)

Funky Beat Studio provides music lessons to student musicians. Some students pay in advance for lessons; others are billed after lessons have been already provided and the amounts are credited to “Lessons revenue”. The advanced payments are credited to an account entitled “Unearned revenue”.


page4image24236736 page4image24246144 page4image24246912

Accounts receivable
Unexpired insurance
Prepaid rent
Sheet music supplies
Music Equipment
Accumulated depreciation: music equipment
Accounts payable
Notes payable
Dividend payable
Interest payable
Income taxes payable
Unearned revenue
Capital stock
Retained earnings
Lessons revenue
Advertising expense
Insurance expense
Rent expense
Sheet music supplies expense
Utilities expense
Depreciation expense: music equipment
Salaries expense
Interest expense
Income tax expense
Total $322,000

$ 72,000 3,500 5,000 1,000 25 3,400 1,100

20,000 56,600


$ 20,800 2,100 3,200 6,000 450 180,000

page4image24247296 page4image24233280 page4image24241152page4image24130496 page4image24131648 page4image24122048page4image24121472 page4image24125120 page4image24133184page4image24132608 page4image24132800 page4image24129728page4image24124544 page4image24120704 page4image24121856page4image24122240 page4image24131456 page4image24125888page4image24135552 page4image24134784 page4image24138816page4image24142080 page4image24141696 page4image24147840page4image24143616 page4image24144192 page4image24144384page4image24138240 page4image24139776 page4image24137472page4image24139008 page4image24139584 page4image24134592page4image24136128 page4image24137280 page4image24155200page4image24160000 page4image24165952 page4image24157120page4image24164416 page4image24156544 page4image24157312page4image24165760 page4image24155392 page4image24163456



page4image24165184 page4image24165568 page4image24159808page4image24164800 page4image24164992 page4image24164608page4image24155776 page4image24169664 page4image24170240

4,400 16,500 780 5,000 33,000 27,500 25 13,845

page4image24177728 page4image24174080 page4image24173888page4image24174656 page4image24176384 page4image24177536page4image24174272 page4image24170432 page4image24206656page4image24203968 page4image24204928 page4image24213376page4image24306304 page4image24308416 page4image24363008page4image24363200 page4image24363392 page4image24363584page4image24363776 page4image24363968 page4image24364160page4image24364352 page4image24364544 page4image24364736


page4image24364928 page4image24365120 page4image24365312

From the adjusted trial balance dated December 31, 2020, provided above, complete the following:

1. Prepare all the closing entries for the company. (12 points)

  1. Prepare the Income Statement dated 31/12/20. (10 points)
  2. Prepare a Statement of Retained Earnings dated 31/12/2020. (10 points)
  3. Prepare the company’s Balance Sheet dated 31/12/2020. (14 points)

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