this was the original question: The common experience of acute

this was the original question:


The common experience of acute pain does not lead to an understanding of chronic pain. AS such, many of us cannot even imagine what living with chronic pain can be/feel like. 

For the purpose of this board, interview someone (e.g., a family member, friend, colleague) who has a chronic pain syndrome. Based on the course content (articles within the pain interventions module) and the following article, discuss the biospsychosocial factors that play a role in their pain experience, making sure to assess how specific aspects of the attention, interpretation, and coping dimensions play a role in their level of pain-related impairment. In addition, also assess and note whether they report receiving care that follows a patient-centered/psychologically oriented approach (as described by these authors).

Finally, provide at least two suggestions for changes in their current treatment regimen (if applicable) that might improve the treatment they are receiving as well as their pain-related quality of life.

his feedback and what we need to answer: 

 From your response above it is not quite clear whether the factors you discuss on based on the assignment interview. If so, what would be the recommended suggestion for that person’s treatment regimen? Provide a little bit of background on the person interviewed making sure to note at least one medical, one psychological, and once sociocultural factor that affects their pain. If you have not yet conducted the ‘interview’ go ahead and add that section of the assignment to the discussion board.  

attached is what we summited the first time 

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