To complete this assignment you must read all the required


To complete this assignment you must read all the required material from module 1. Please keep in mind that it is not an exercise in summarizing the readings. Summaries will get a lower grade. Discuss your thoughts on the readings, including general themes, disagreements, and any insights you glean from the reading that can be applied to current events. I am not looking for an outline of the readings.

The blog should address the following questions:

  • 1. Identify 2 major themes from the readings. Describe them.
  • 2. What 2 concepts/ideas/arguments/ from the readings would you challenge? Explain how and why. If you find nothing to challenge or disagree with, think about how one concept discussed in the readings in one context can apply to another context. For example, if a concept, policy, strategy, benefit, and such is discussed in the context of private organizations think about how it might work in public organizations. Or if it is discussed at the local government level, think about how it might work at the state or federal government level. If this does not work, then add something new to the discussion of a concept you find interesting. Whatever you do, avoid agreeing with everything as it is, and definitely do not skip the question.
  • 3. Identify and describe 2 implications from the readings for public organization employees. 

Please make sure to address all three questions in the blog. Clearly indicate which question you are addressing where. 

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