Using the uploaded documents respond to the following post in

Using the uploaded documents respond to the following post in 100 to 250 words.   Use APA 7 format with at least one reference and one in text citation.

 The Navy Policy and Strategy and the Elements of Nation Power (DIME) have affected me greatly as a leader for a few reasons. I have had the privilege to operate in the forward presence and partnership capacities many times throughout my career. While being deployed on the USS George Washington (CVN-73) in 2004 we spent most of our time in the Northern Arabian Gulf (NAG) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where we were mainly in support of Joint Operations helping ground troops and protecting U.S. interests in the Area of Operations (AOR). In 2008-2009 I did back-to-back deployments to the NAG in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn where I was aboard Patrol Coastal Crew Ships maintaining the defense of Al Başrah Oil Terminal (ABOT) and Khor al-Amaya Oil Terminal (KAAOT). ABOT and KAAOT are considered one of the top terrorist targets due to their strategic importance in the region. The two oil terminals are Iraq’s critical assets in eventual economic stability. During this time I also volunteered to be a Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) member where we conducted boardings on fishing dhow’s, tugs, and oil tankers while providing aid to the locals. I learned throughout these deployments that nothing gets accomplished alone; everyone takes a little piece of the pie to get the job done. I have helped secure our nation’s vital assets, win our nations wars, and deter our adversaries. I only hope service to my country is found worthwhile.  

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