Visit this website: Three Native American Creation Myths (Links to


Visit this website: Three Native American Creation Myths (Links to an external site.) and explore creation from the perspective of three Native American tribes: the Iroquois, the Yakama, and the Cherokee.  Review the creation myth from the Mayan civilization you already experienced in the Unit 3 learning content. 

  • In your first paragraph
    • Compare and contrast the creation myths of ancient North America to the creation myths of two of the following
      • Mayans from Meso-American including Mexico
      • Guatemala
      • Northern Belize
      • Western Honduras. 
    • Look for the underlying universal truths shared in these myths, as well as the cultural, geographic, and climate structure that may have added to differences.
  • In your second paragraph
    • Explore how ‘myth’ might have impacted the people of that historical time period and reflect on these myths from your modern American perspective.
    • What are your feelings about the myths and how do they compare to your understanding of the creation of the universe?

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