Week 6 Comparative Essay: What is the discourse that emerges?

Choose a week’s worth of readings that focus on a topic that you would like to analyze more deeply. you will choose between Weeks 6-9. Strong essays should include the following: • An introduction that clearly presents your argument about the week’s readings. How do the arguments in each of the readings relate to each other? What is the discourse that emerges? • Body of the paper that engages with the readings. This constitutes the bulk of the paper.

You should talk about the themes and arguments about the individual readings and how they led you to formulate your major argument. You should make good use of the text to support your thesis using proper intertextual citations (use Chicago style). This should include direct quotes followed by analysis as well as summaries of authors’ arguments, as appropriate.

• A conclusion that re-states your argument and summarizes the paper.

• A separate works cited page should be attached. Grading rubric (20 points possible) Argument (8 points possible) Does the paper have a cohesive argument (thesis statement) that expresses a clear point of view about what ties each of the three readings together? Is the argument carried throughout the paper or is it only present in the introductory paragraph? Evidence/ Analysis (8 points possible) Does the student’s paper make good use of the texts throughout the paper? Does the student use direct quotes as well as summarize the authors’ ideas when appropriate? Does the student provide sufficient analysis of the quotes that they use or do they let the quotes stand alone? Does the evidence and analysis support the main argument of the paper? Grammar / Style (4 points possible)

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