What suggestions do you have for your classmates on their


  • What suggestions do you have for your classmates on their network cabling? 
  • Are there any other suggestions for what they should consider for their equipment setup? 


As someone who just started working from home for the first time ever this year, this is kind of fun to do.

  • Where are you moving to for your new work-from-home position? Which  ISPs are available at this location? Which do you pick and why?  
    • I will be moving to Dallas, Texas, where there are a few ISP options  available, such as Fios, Cox and Xfinity. I will be using a trusted  nationwide company, Xfinity. I am using them because I have experience  with their speeds and reliability; if necessary, there are download  speeds up to 1200mbps(megabytes per second) available, which is more  than enough to work from my home (Xfinity). Xfinity also has wonderful  customer support and great deals on their services.
  • What equipment do you need for your work-from-home position? What  does your ISP provide? What does your employer provide? What do you need  to provide? 
    • I will need two monitors, a high-quality router, a desktop, a  laptop, desk and chair, wireless headset, HDMI cables, surge protectors,  and a keyboard and mouse. My ISP is providing my router only. My new  job is supplying me with the laptop, monitors, keyboard and mouse and  headset. Everything else, I will purchase myself. 
  • What types of network cabling will you be using and with which devices? 
    • I’ll use an ethernet cable for the tower of the desktop and CAT5 for  the router. Everything else will be wireless aside from power cables  and HDMI for the monitors.
  • How do you determine the IP addresses on your devices? 
    • The IP address can either be found in settings in the “About Device” section or in the command prompt.
  • How will you set up equipment in your office in your new home? Will  you be using wireless or hard wire for your network connection? What  else should be considered? 
    • I’ll have a large L-shaped desk and have the monitors sitting side  by side on one part with the desktop tower and modem on one of the desk  shelves for hardwiring, and the laptop on the other side. The desktop  will be hardwired, but the laptop will be wireless. Both will be  connected to a VPN for added security with two-factor authentication.

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