What were the three biggest factors in how the United States developed

This essay should be a standard five part essay, an introduction, essay body concerning three sections of ideas proving your overall argument, and a conclusion. It must have a minimum of 1250 words.


(As obvious as it sounds), this is the opening paragraph where you will coherently and concisely introduce the argument you are about to make in your essay. Oftentimes students really fall short on their introduction. Do not write something along the line of “changes happened” and leave it at that. Arguments such as changes happened, or that is why things are the way they are today are meaningless and will result in zero points in an introduction and essay overall. Make an argument, X happened in the past and here was why that was historically significant. Y happened and here is why it was significant. Z happened and here is why it was significant. Taken together X, Y, and Z combine to result in whatever your overall argument is.

BE SURE YOUR INTRODUCTION MATCHES THE REST OF YOUR ESSAY/ARGUMENT. 15 points Essay/Argument Body: This is where you make your money. The body of your essay should contain at least three major ideas that bolster your argument. They are the evidence you use to prove your point. Anyone may make a claim about the past but the better student will back their claim up with facts and analysis (especially analysis). The arguments you make and the three major areas with which you prove this point is going to be worth twenty (25) points each. You have laid out your argument in the introduction, now use that argument to expand the body of the essay/argument. You said X was important in the intro, now make it the first section of the body. DO NOT SIMPLY LIST WHAT HAPPENED. We are not looking for a book report that simply repeats the history of an era. So many times I have read essays that simply state, this happened, then that happened, and some more stuff happened. Hooray, you have repeated the same thing I can get from glancing at the textbook. Do not do this. Instead write this happened and then explain why it was historically significant. That happened and then explain why that was historically significant. More stuff happened and this why why more stuff was historically significant. Together this, that, and more stuff add up to my overall point or argument about X. Congratulations, you have now just finished a lovely long paragraph (one minimum, two paragraphs would be much better unless you are a super awesome succinct writer). Now do it all over again for Y and Z from your introduction argument. 75 points Conclusion: A number of students fall flat on the conclusion. Many choose to end with some like the literary equivalent of aaaaand, they all got run over by a bus. I have seen no conclusion, conclusions that say either “things changed” or “that’s why things are the way they are today.” These types of conclusions are worthless and result in zeros. A conclusion should recap the overall idea and argument of your essay. In our case you might conclude with X was important because of this, Y was important because of that, and Z was important because of more stuff. Together X, Y, and Z combine to prove the awesome argument I set out in the introduction, mic drop, walk away from the essay. 10 points Sources: DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES FROM OUTSIDE OF THIS COURSE. Using outside sources will result in a point deduction for each occurrence. You must use the textbook, the Supplemental Notes, and primary source documents from the reader. All three sources should be used at least once in each of the three portions/ideas of the body of your essay. Going back to the previously mentioned X, Y, and Z as an example: X should have something from the text book, something from the Extra Notes, and something from the primary source documents within it. Y and Z should have the same. Again, do not simply list items from these sources, you must use them and explain why they were significant and how they add to your overall argumen

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