Write about 650 – 700 words (excluding references) on Burp

Write about 650 – 700 words (excluding references) on Burp Suit, an automated Web Vulnerability scanner from PortSwigger. It should be in APA format. 

Include three resources and quote the citations in APA format. 

It should be in ess*y format containing paragraphs and not points or bullets. The overall ess*y should cover the following topics, but not limited to, 

What is BurpSuit, Its significance as web vulnerability scanner, its need, features of BurpSuit

How burp Suit can be used to identify the vulnerabilities like SQL Injections, XSS attacks, Idoor attacks.  Do not elaborate more on the attack description but focus more on how Burp Suit helps to identify and rectify those attacks. 

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